What Lights Your Flame?

Sunmertime is all about laidback fun and relaxation, and I’m here for it! 

But purpose can’t be put on pause.

At all times we must ask ourselves where we’ll stand and what we’ll do when life calls us to rise to a challenge.

Will you be a flame that leads the way and gives others hope or stand among the silent who feel helpless and resigned?

Last year around this time, many of us were asking this question as protests for racial and social justice roiled our cities and filled our TV screens; as the cries of the weary, wounded and heartbroken refused to be silenced.

We’ve now settled into a year of pandemic-style living, and with vaccines readily available, the world has opened up and hope is flowing.

Yet this return to a “new normal” is not a pass to forget about what has been or what should be.

You must remember – and be excited to acknowledge – that you’re on this earth for a reason. Yes, you, whatever your age, life stage, current circumstances or rearview choices.

Value yourself enough to discover, rediscover or reclaim your purpose, then summon the courage, and the excitement, to walk in it.

Doing so can yield an irreplaceable joy and a profound energy to persist – which inevitably will make your downtime and playtime all the more meaningful. 

“Flame” by Joseph Thekkekara is licensed under CC BY 2.0
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