Why Life Untapped?

Life Untapped is the term that inspirational author Stacy Hawkins Adams has long used to signify a woman’s pursuit of a life well-lived. She encourages each woman to define for herself what her “life untapped” could and should look like; Life Untapped with Stacyand in her case, its critical elements include a devotion to her faith, family and friends, and a love of storytelling; great books; good food; mesmerizing movies; servant leadership; a healthy dose of fun and laughter, and a commitment to encouraging others through the written and spoken word.

Stacy’s mission is to Enlighten, Uplift and Inspire both readers and writers to celebrate the gifts of your unique journey and the relevance of your own story. Life Untapped is one of her treasured vehicles for doing so, and it was borne out of a desire to continue the impact she witnessed while hosting an inspirational brunch for women in October 2014.

During that event, her invited speakers and nearly 200 women guests briefly shared their stories with one another and left empowered to believe in themselves. (View the inspirational brunch, Celebrating the Power of Women’s Stories, here.)  Rather than wait until her next special program, Stacy launched Life Untapped so that the stories and mutual encouragement could continue on a regular basis.

Whether you want to be a writer, or you view reading and writing as outlets, Life Untapped is designed to help you better know yourself and shape your life’s journey. Stacy spells this out more fully in her inaugural Life Untapped blog post.  When visiting Life Untapped you’ll hear from Stacy in most of the blog posts; but she regularly invites other “everyday women on extraordinary journeys” to share their experiences, life lessons, writer journeys and relevant advice in this space.

Be sure to visit the various categories of this blog to find posts that resonate with you:

  • Grace
  • Growth
  • Grit
  • Hope
  • Her Story (Brief personal stories of women who’ve found hope and relevance right where they are)
  • Literary Love (Author essays, Q&As and info on books and articles that Stacy finds inspiring)
  • Just for Fun (Lifestyle tips, simple musings, whatever makes you smile)
  • Stacy’s Treasures (Brief essays or vignettes on the organizations, people, places and things that have personally motivated or encouraged Stacy – ones she believes will inspire you in some way, too.)

And when you leave our hangout spot on this blog, please look for the #LifeUntapped hashtag on Stacy’s various social media pages to find similar messages as those housed here.

Stacy is a multi-published author and long-time journalist and former columnist who has penned 9 women’s fiction novels, 1 nonfiction spiritual devotional book, and a compilation of her original quotes and musings (Abound! Principles for Next Level Living).  She also leads an online membership-based mentoring group for aspiring authors called Focused Writers, and occasionally pens freelance articles and essays for national and digital publications.

Thanks for joining her in this space. If you find it meaningful and believe others will, too, spread the word.

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