Change Your Mind About Change

Change can be scary, and at times even stressful; however…

If we never changed shoe sizes, we’d never be able to comfortably walk forward, toward our next exciting phase;

If we never took a leap of faith, we’d never surprise ourselves with our own strength, smarts and courage;

If we never took time to try new things and collaborate with people younger than us or from different walks of life, perhaps we’d be like Blockbuster, Toys R Us and the like – favorite pieces of nostalgia no longer relevant in this fast-paced modern world. 

If we never grew older, we’d miss out on a whole lotta life!

So yes, with time and seasons come change.

But what if we view these shifts as opportunities to grow, to experience new kinds of joy, to better understand ourselves and others, and experience more of life’s “glass” as half full? 

This is how our journey becomes our masterpiece. 

Author: Stacy Hawkins Adams

Through her fiction and nonfiction, author, journalist and writing coach Stacy Hawkins Adams inspires readers (and budding writers) to find meaning in their own stories, grow from life's lessons and thrive. Like this post? Please leave a comment, then share it with others. Also visit Stacy at to sign up for her newsletter, and friend/follow her on Instagram @StacyInspires, Twitter @StacyInspires and Facebook @StacyInspires. Learn more about her coaching services at

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