Why Whether You’re Winning Is Up To You

Hone your perspective and you can change your life.

Where you see an obstacle, someone else may see a chance to persist and win.

What feels like a setback to you could be another’s opportunity to reset and start again, with more innovative ideas.

When it seems to you like all is lost, someone else may view that same “pitstop” as a mere detour, necessary to appreciate the looming victory.

Therefore, going forward, see what you naturally see; then nudge yourself to see more, and better.

If you envision and work toward a brighter future, you can experience one 10 times more marvelous.

Stacy Hawkins Adams 

IMG_0387 (1)

Author: Stacy Hawkins Adams

Through her fiction and nonfiction, author, journalist and writing coach Stacy Hawkins Adams inspires readers (and budding writers) to find meaning in their own stories, grow from life's lessons and thrive. Like this post? Please leave a comment, then share it with others. Also visit Stacy at StacyHawkinsAdams.com to sign up for her newsletter, and friend/follow her on Instagram @StacyInspires, Twitter @StacyInspires and Facebook @StacyInspires. Learn more about her coaching services at AuthorInYou.com.

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