How to Embrace Your Current Season

As you begin your week, here’s a “public service announcement” for whoever needs it. If it’s not you personally, pass it on.
Keep going – your valley is just a pitstop.
Keep dancing – the swirling storm won’t touch you.
Keep believing – beauty can indeed be birthed from ashes.
Keep trusting yourself – you’re a prize worth cherishing, at home, at work and everywhere in between.
Keep paying attention – to your heart, your gut, what people show you rather than what they say, and what you yourself know to be true. This will never lead you wrong.
Keep laughing – it’s medicine for your soul, and everything doesn’t have to be so serious.
Keep on keeping on.
I promise you, your best days are ahead, no matter your age, stage or circumstances.
Your job is to persist in excellence,
love with an open heart,
set appropriate boundaries,
welcome peace and
treasure your joys.
I’m living proof that it’s all doable.
Join me on this #LifeUntapped journey. 

Stacy Hawkins Adams


Author: Stacy Hawkins Adams

Through her fiction and nonfiction, author, journalist and writing coach Stacy Hawkins Adams inspires readers (and budding writers) to find meaning in their own stories, grow from life's lessons and thrive. Like this post? Please leave a comment, then share it with others. Also visit Stacy at to sign up for her newsletter, and friend/follow her on Instagram @StacyInspires, Twitter @StacyInspires and Facebook @StacyInspires. Learn more about her coaching services at

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